Angora above the knee underpants , 50%, Lotus

The 50% angora, 30% wool, 20% poly-amide is our luxurious line. This composition makes the most comfortable underpants base-layer for everyday life. Warm, soft, strong and great humid transfer. Colors available Black or White. Sizes from Small to 4XLarge. As a leading thermal underwear manufacturer, Royal Angora grant you the best quality!. Enjoy!
SKU: 31300

The Lotus line is a blend of 50% angora 30% merino wool and 20% poly-amide. It is our warmest combination.  The fabric is a little thicker (190 gsm). The angora as the warmest part, the thermal merino and poly-amide strength gives a very nice fabric qualities.   Totally warm, soft and comfortable, the angora wool is known for its softness, and its thin, hollow fibers. It is also known for its silky texture. Angora fiber, angora warmers, is fairly unique in the fact that it is such a fine fiber but is actually hollow. This makes it one of the warmest fibers to wear. 

The Merino also stabilize body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. The merino provides warmth, without overheating the wearer, and it draws the sweat away from the skin. Like the angora and like the poly-amide, and it retains warmth even when wet.   The merino has natural antibacterial properties and is the softest sheep wool available, due to it's finer fibers.