Angora Thermal Segments

The Royal Angora thermal segments are made of thick fabric and made of angora and merino wool blend. The angora segments - knee warmers, angora kidney warmers, shoulder warmers, and angora wrist warmers will ease your joint pains on cold days.  

Very good for people who suffer from Lumbago, sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD).



Angora Knee Warmer - Pair


Wearing our Royal-Angora knee warmers can help alleviate knee pain by providing warmth, improving circulation, offering softness and comfort, managing moisture, and providing gentle compression and support. These benefits can contribute to reduced stiffness, irritation, and swelling in the knees, promoting comfort and potentially aiding in healing. Enjoy

Kidney Warmer - Angora Low Back Worming belt


Wearing our Royal-Angora kidney warmer belt can help alleviate back pain by providing warmth, support, and gentle compression to the lower back area. The warmth improves circulation, relaxes muscles, and reduces stiffness, while the softness and moisture-wicking properties of angora wool enhance comfort and reduce irritation.

Angora Shoulder Warmer 40%


Angora shoulder warmer thin or thick is made of Angora hairs, manufactured by Royal Angora. Angora shoulder warmer is a great product to keep your shoulders warm in cold and freezing winters. It covers your shoulders, chest area and upper back body. The specialty of this thin shoulder warmer is that it is made of thin angora hairs and it is thin in touch and composition making it different from other shoulder warmers. They are available for men, women and unisex and in different sizes. The main features of Angora shoulder warmer thin are that it provides complete protection from cold. It can be worn underclothes easily. It provides relief from tension and pain in joint areas. They are very comfortable.

Angora Elbow Warmer (Pair)


Wearing our Royal-Angora elbow warmers can help alleviate elbow pain by providing warmth, support, and gentle compression to the affected area. The softness and moisture-wicking properties of angora wool enhance comfort and reduce irritation, while the warmth improves circulation and promotes relaxation of muscles, potentially reducing stiffness and discomfort.

Angora Wrist Warmer


Angora wrist warmers are made by real angora hairs and manufactured by Royal Angora. This angora wrist warmer keeps your wrists and forearms warm in cold and freezing weather. Angora wrist warmer are best among all wrist warmers because of its moisture wicking and water resisting characteristics and it is seven time warmer than wrist warmers made by wool or cotton. Angora wrist warmers are not only warm but are softer than ordinary wrist warmers. It keeps your wrist dry because of its water resistant characteristic. Angora wrist warmers are highly popular among cyclists, motor bikers, horse riders, skis and constructors. Angora wrist warmers are best choice in winters. It is available in different color and sizes. Material: 46% Angora 37% wool 9% polyamide 8% lycra

Cowl, Gaiter, 45 x 30 c"m neck sleeve


Cowl, Gaiter, 45 x 30 c"m neck sleeve, 170 G/s"m