Angora Thermal Segments

The Royal Angora thermal segments are made of thick fabric and made of angora and merino wool blend. The angora segments - knee warmers, angora kidney warmers, shoulder warmers, and angora wrist warmers will ease your joints pain in the cold days.  

Very good for people who suffer from Lumbago, sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD).



Angora Knee Warmer - Pair

€28.48 of Amazon reviews: "To anyone with arthritis in the knee joints this product is a must have during the cold months of winter. Also for outdoors use for hunters or skiers. This is my third winter using these and they are a must have product. This company has an outstanding product and outstanding service and I would definitely recommend them." Knee warmers are used by motorcyclists, bicyclists, ski’s and horse riders. Knee warmers are underestimated pieces of riding clothing. The Royal Angora knee warmer are the warmest and nicest. This combination ensures warm skin through the fiber's natural air cushion. Wicks moisture away from the skin ensuring maintains insulating properties. Royal Angora knee warmers are best knee warmers specially made for cyclists, motorbike riders, ski’s and horse riders(like polo players and derby racers). They are best in cold and freezing weathers. They are very easy to carry as they can be easily held in pent or jacket pockets and are essential in spring and autumn seasons when weather is unpredictable. Material: 46% Angora 37% wool 9% polyamide 8% lycra Colors: White, Gray, Black Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

Kidney Warmer - Angora Low Back Worming belt


Our Angora back belt or kidney warmer and Sashes are best in the market, due to the natural thermal insulation of the Angora. Excellent for pain prevention or alleviation of existing pain in the back. The body's heat is stored directly on the body and leave again evenly. So your joints remain flexible and the musculature. For those who want to protect their sensitive zones! Item #200 Material: 46% Angora 37% wool 9% polyamide 8% lycra

Angora Shoulder Warmer 40%


Angora shoulder warmer thin or thick is made of Angora hairs, manufactured by Royal Angora. Angora shoulder warmer is a great product to keep your shoulders warm in cold and freezing winters. It covers your shoulders, chest area and upper back body. The specialty of this thin shoulder warmer is that it is made of thin angora hairs and it is thin in touch and composition making it different from other shoulder warmers. They are available for men, women and unisex and in different sizes. The main features of Angora shoulder warmer thin are that it provides complete protection from cold. It can be worn underclothes easily. It provides relief from tension and pain in joint areas. They are very comfortable.

Angora Elbow Warmer (Pair)


Angora elbow warmers will keep your elbows safe & warm. It also provides you relief during mild elbow pains. It is available in different sizes and two thicknesses. The thick fabric is from the same fabric on the knee warmers and bels which is 50% angora, 30% merino wool, 20% Polyamide. The thin elbow warmers are made from the same yarn of the underwear which is 40% angora, 60% cotton. We are also offering now from our "dead" stock 2nd quality products. We consider 2nd quality products with oil stain, a small hole in the knitting, etc. However, the fabric quality is the same and the prices are 75% cheaper.

Angora Wrist Warmer


Angora wrist warmers are made by real angora hairs and manufactured by Royal Angora. This angora wrist warmer keeps your wrists and forearms warm in cold and freezing weather. Angora wrist warmer are best among all wrist warmers because of its moisture wicking and water resisting characteristics and it is seven time warmer than wrist warmers made by wool or cotton. Angora wrist warmers are not only warm but are softer than ordinary wrist warmers. It keeps your wrist dry because of its water resistant characteristic. Angora wrist warmers are highly popular among cyclists, motor bikers, horse riders, skis and constructors. Angora wrist warmers are best choice in winters. It is available in different color and sizes. Material: 46% Angora 37% wool 9% polyamide 8% lycra

Cowl, Gaiter, 45 x 30 c"m neck sleeve


Cowl, Gaiter, 45 x 30 c"m neck sleeve, 170 G/s"m