Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks
Very soft, comfortable and airy. Seamless , no pressure especially on top


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  • In principal, diabetic socks must be very comfortable: soft, airy, sweat absorb and evaporate, no pressure points, anti-bacterial, etc.     
  • The diabetics suffer from slow and limited blood circulation, especially in the remote edges, like tows , etc. Therefore, every pressure can slow the blood circulation even more. The upper knitted rubber, the seam over the tows must be as flat as possible, etc.
  • We knit our diabetic socks only with lycra, conic shape, and we don't use rubber at all.  The lycra keeps the socks very soft, with little elasticity so that the sock won't slip into the shoe.
  • COTTON is the most popular material. It is the cheapest and most common material, but not the ideal - to my opinion.   It is soft, (but not the softest..) , airy and strong.  It absorb the sweat more than it evaporate it.   Also we need to treat it with anti-bacterial treatment.   The diabetics are also sensitive to the cold because of their poor blood circulation, and, in addition, and that is the biggest danger, is the combination of sweat and closed shoes that create bacterial activity that together with the slow blood circulation prevent healing of even a small wound or cut. Those wounds could remain too long, and to cause even gangrene.  
  • and there is the dry skin.  Cracks of dry skin could also develop to unhealed, long lasting wounds.  You must keep you feet clean, moisture creams and wearing socks all year round.
  • COTTON/LINEN:  The linen is a refreshing combination with cotton.  Very good humid evaporate.
  • BAMBOO:  Soft fabric, great humid transfer and anti-bacterial by nature. 
  • MERINO wool is the softest sheep wool and is all advantages, except... the physiologic impression that wool is good only for winter - which is not so with merino.  The merino will, indeed, keep you warm in the winter, but will stabilize your feet temperature in the summer.  The merino is very soft, elastic, strong, airy, great humid transfer and , most important, anti-bacterial by nature.  No strong smell at the end of the day.