Merino Women Base layers

Wearing merino underwear will change your life ! Test it and you will only look for merino products. From socks, base layers, hats and neck warmer.  And 100% merino is the best !

There are two barriers to experiencing merino nirvana. The first and most intimidating is the price. There’s no way to sugarcoat it, merino is expensive, and underwear is no exception.  The second hesitation for most people is comfort. “Wool down there must itch, right?”

But for these reasons, merino underwear is worth the cost. And no, it doesn’t itch.

Bacteria & Odor Resistance: Sweat is inevitable, especially during the summer. This is where merino undies have come through in the clutch over the past six months. Even in warm weather (where I recommend to wear the raw white) you will seat, but with no sign of itchy bacteria or any hint of foul odor in the Royal-Angora Merino.    The merino will be still very much Ok even after three days of sweat. 

Temperature-Regulating: Merino retains heat, while still breathing well. Our merino have performed just as admirably in July as they have in temperatures well below freezing. 

For the coldest days I recommend to wear 240 gsm 100% merino, (grams per square meter) - or 50% angora, 30% merino 20% polyamide (Look at the Lotus line). 

Comfort: Any of our merino product is going to be among the most comfortable clothing materials out there. As someone who has an aversion to itchy clothes, especially when it comes to performance wear, each pair of merino drawers I put to the test have been luxuriously comfortable.

Enjoy !

100% merino, Women, above the knee, 1/3 underpants


The Merino thermal underpants is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. The wool provides warmth, without overheating the wearer. It draws moisture (sweat) away from the skin.