Nipple warmer + pocket

For warming the nipples after and before feeding the baby. It is made from 40% angora 60% cotton. The pocket is for adding a cotton pad. This combination ensures warm skin through the fiber's natural air cushion. Wicks moisture away from the skin ensuring Maintains insulating properties.
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nipple warmer

Angora hair or Angora fibre refers to the downy coat produced by the Angora rabbit. Angora is known for its softness, thin fibres, and what knitters refer to as a halo (fluffiness). It is also known for its silky texture. It is much warmer and lighter than wool due to the hollow core of the angora fibre. It also gives them their characteristic floating feel. It is also great humid transfer - keeping the skin dry.

Cotton fabrics: Сotton fiber differs markedly from other cellulose fibers in morphological traits. Due to many features, сotton even though it was discovered later than other fibers gained a superior position and stimulated immense development of textile industry. Among the advantages of cotton fabric we can name the following:

1. Сotton fabrics show good durability and utility (but still сotton fabrics are inferior to synthetic fabrics in durability). Сotton is a chemically stable material, it stays undamaged even under the continuous exposure of weak acids and alkalis.

2. High water-absorbing capacity. In humid atmosphere cotton fabric can absorb 27% of water without getting damp.

3. Cotton fabric has very good breathable characteristics, it is hypoallergenic, agreeable to touch, it is suits perfectly for people with skin hypersensibility. It has low thermal-conductivity, therefore it is an ideal material for both summer and winter clothes: in summer it prevents your skin from heat, and in winter it preserves the warmth of your body.

4. They are easy washable and can be ironed even at high temperature.

Сotton fabric is often used with WR (water resistance), OP (oil proof), flame retardant (FR) finishes, XM Textiles also provides cotton fabric with antistatic fibers. Cotton fabrics often find its application in producing workwear with high hygienic requirements and clothing for protection against low temperatures.

The combination is very nice.