DoneGal wool socks

Donegal Wool Socks,traditional tweed wool yarn made in Ireland. Thick, colorful, warm, soft, special !
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DoneGal wool socks


Kidney Warmer - Angora Low Back Warmer


Our Angora back belt or kidney warmer and Sashes are best in the market, due to the natural thermal insulation of the Angora. Excellent for pain prevention or alleviation of existing pain in the back. The body's heat is stored directly on the body and leave again evenly. So your joints remain flexible and the musculature. For those who want to protect their sensitive zones! Item #200 Material: 46% Angora 37% wool 9% polyamide 8% lycra

Angora Elastic Knee Support + Stays


Angora elastic knee support is a special knee support designed by Royal Angora. Elastic knee support is very easy to use and provide warmth and support to the knee. Elastic knee support fit comfortably providing support and compression to the soft tissues. It is designed to provide gentle support and protection and is perfect for mild knee pain. It is shaped and sized in a way that it fits well. It is seamless behind the knee. It relieves pressure for the kneecap and reduces pain at the meniscus. It is available in different sizes. Material: 46% Angora 37% wool 9% polyamide 8% lycra