Tencel women pants

The Tencel natural fabric is very thin, soft, silky and airy. Its breathing quality takes the sweat away fast, keeping you very conformable in the hottest and most humid weather. You can buy just the pants, or the hall set - shirt & pants for a special price.
SKU: T1400

Swiss Tencel C skin care: When worn in direct contact with the skin, our garments made with Swiss Tencel C Skin Care work wonders – their special properties have a positive impact on physical comfort and skin health. The base for our yarn is the specialty fiber TENCEL® C with permanently integrated micro-particles of Chitosan, which ensures that the clothing made from it pampers the skin, to make it look young and healthy. 
Correct hydration is especially important for the skin. Tencel fibers are known to act as a reservoir for storing moisture. The fibers absorb water, keeping it away from bacteria and inhibiting their growth from the outset. What is more, these fibers also release
moisture as soon as the skin becomes dry to prevent the development of fine lines and breaks in the skin. This enhances the protective function of the skin and increases its elasticity, which slows down the aging process. Cell renewal is further supported by 
the mildly anti-microbial and healing properties of Chitosan. All in all, a perfect product! This multi-functional yarn is ideal for products worn in close contact with the skin,
such as underwear and lingerie, hosiery, bed linens, sleep masks, socks, as well as work-wear. It guarantees a comfortable environment for the skin.